"I was very pleased with the horn and found the quality and workmanship to be all that I expected.  I gave the horn, as a gift, to my son this Yule season. He, too, was pleased and has been using it ever since.  I expect it to gather many comments and praises at our local Celtic Faire this spring.
In Service to the All Father and The Dream,"
Bob Ireland
aka: Thorvald Ulfsson (SCA)


Here is what some SCA Members and  customers have to say about the horns crafted by Sir Cona
"My horn, a birthday gift from my loving wife, is a work of art. The main
charge of my arms was very accurately reproduced, the carving and metal
details are well done, and I get compliments on the horn whenever I use
I am very happy with all the work Brian has put into it."
Bruce Blackard - happy customer

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My horn was a surprise present, which my wife arranged in trade for some garb she made.  It is customized with my heraldic charges, the raven and moon, Celtic knotwork, and painted in my heraldic colors, Sable and Or.  I have been using it for several years now, and I still get compliments from people at SCA events.  When I tell them it was a gift from Sir Cona, they are even more envious!  Lord Muiredach dal Riada  

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